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Fifty Reasons #fiftyreasons #air conditioning #cleaner #ecology #paris.png

Fifty Reasons Cleaner

29 kgs

Eco responsible sprayer.

Innovative spraying

Proprietary Technology

Without connection to the water network

Silent sprayer < 63 BD

Remote control function

Low water consumption

220V, 110V possible

Expandable gutter Fifty Reasons #fiftyreasons #air conditioning #cleaning.png

The Extendable Gutter (90cm - 150cm) is made for the recovery of waste water during the cleaning of a Split type air conditioner.

Wash tub Fifty Reasons #fiftyreasons #air conditioning #cleaning.png

The Washing Tray is made to deposit and clean all the removable parts of the air conditioners that you clean.

This accessory is available in 2 different sizes:



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