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An innovation to simplify the work of cleaning professionals

Discoverthe first eco-responsible air pressure sprayerand the tools we develop.

The indoor air quality of buildings determines the well-being of the occupants 

Discover the first eco-responsible air pressure sprayer

New accessories for real time savings and unrivaled efficiency for professional work. 

In this context of public health and energy saving, a solution exists which is without equivalence at the international level.

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Cleaning the filters, although necessary, does not protect against clogging.

Indispensable for to clean the 3 main elements at pressure (evaporator, turbine and condensate pan)at least once a year like in the movie below,(same for all models) 
You help reduce the intensive use of water and electricity

Clean green and conserve resources

You help protect the health of your customers.

95% of air conditioners are little or badly cleaned and develop germs, bacteria, staphylococci, viruses, molds, fungi, etc.

25 to 30%

The reduction in the cost of the electric bill when an air conditioning is well cleaned, and a healthier air

The Fifty Reasons innovation reduces water consumption for cleaning. 12 liters for a day of cleaning 8 to 10 air conditioners

12 Liters

The number of air conditioners installed in France. Eco-responsible cleaning à  direct impact on the control of energy and water consumption

18 million
Start your air conditioner cleaning business now

A sustainable and quickly profitable activity.

Our testimonials
Photo Clim Clean.jpg

Clim’Cleyear is with Fifty Reasons.

Here is our superb tool from FIFTY REASONS which allows us to clean your air conditioning efficiently and provide more than professional services.

Perfect from start to finish!

Very satisfied with the company Fifty Reasons!
High-performance equipment that allows you to have credibility with customers.
Many thanks to the Fifty Reasons team for their attentiveness and professionalism both before and after the purchase.

Fabrice Rubio

A great concept, a machine that does a fantastic job once you get the hang of it. A concept that gives a serious image in front of the customer. A very good commercial service with great patience for the handling of the machine

David Socchi

A great product to use and a result beyond my expectation. I recommend this product


Gregory VIGNE

La Plaine.png

David Socchi

Un super concept, une machine qui fait un travail fantastique une fois qu’on la maitrise bien. Un concept qui donne une image sérieuse devant le client. Un très bon service commercial avec une grande patience pour la prise en main de la machine

Grégory VIGNE

Un super produit à utiliser et un résultat au-delà de mon attente. Je conseille ce produit

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