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Assets & performance
  • Innovative spraying

  • Exclusive AIR+ technology

  • Automatic and remote controlled product mixing

  • No connection to the water network (10 L tank)

  • Silent sprayer < 63 BD

  • Remote controlled functions

  • Consumption 12/15 liters / hour

  • Precise and thorough cleaning

Laddition of waterunder pressure combined with the engine pressure allows you to have a working pressure of11/12 bars linear and strongly cleansing.

A pipe double spiral for working heightmore than 6 meters away (12 M with extension)

An adjustable pressure gun (Air/Water function)

And fullother assetswith an unbeatable price +free all thedocuments Management,

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All accessories are designed so as not to waste time, the gextendable gutter for the split installs in 30 seconds, same for thecassette tarpaulin, THEwash tank allows you to wash all disassembled elementswithout moving from under the air conditioning, etc. etc.

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Improve, streamline, monetize
This is the objective of this innovative concept

A profitable and sustainable activity

Health and energy saving are the drivers of this eco-responsible activity

Know-how in line with the preservation of energy resources

Area of intervention

Aeraulic ducts, Offices, Classroom, Cold room, Kitchen, Refectory, Engine, Work surface.

For all industries

Hospitals, Clinics, Retirement Homes, Food Industry,  Offices, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Yachting, Automotive, Community, Refrigerated Warehouses.

Our presence in the world
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